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NASA And Worcester Polytechnic Institute Are Challenge Partners

NASA And Worcester Polytechnic Institute Are Challenge Partners
WASHINGTON — NASA has signed an agreement with the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) of Worcester, Mass., to manage the Sample Return Robot Challenge, one of the agency’s new Centennial Challenges prize competitions.The challenge will demonstrate how a robot can locate and retrieve geologic samples from varied terrain without human control. This challenge has a prize purse of $1.5 million….
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Fifth Boeing 747-8 Freighter Enters Flight-test Program
EVERETT, Wash., Feb. 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing (NYSE: BA) successfully conducted the first flight of the fifth 747-8 Freighter Thursday. The airplane, coded as RC523, took off from Paine Field in Everett, Wash., for a 3-hour, 30-minute flight before returning to Paine Field. The flight included a standard 2-hour, 30-minute “B1” flight profile that Boeing conducts on all production…
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NASA Deputy Administrator Visits Colorado Innovation Sites
WASHINGTON — NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver visited Boulder, Colo. today to meet with entrepreneurs and discuss innovations in space exploration and technology development critical to America’s future in space.Garver toured the facilities of Sierra Nevada Corporation, a company with wide involvement in developing technologies for space exploration. The company’s Dream Chaser vehicle is…
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NASA Deputy Administrator Visits Nevada Innovation Sites
WASHINGTON — NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver visited Las Vegas today to meet with Nevada entrepreneurs and discuss innovations in space exploration and technology development critical to America’s future in space.Garver toured the facilities of Bigelow Aerospace, a company that has been developing expandable space habitats. NASA is evaluating Bigelow’s concept for an expandable module for…
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New Attempt To Find Lost Air France A330
By Michael A. Taverna A Franco-American team will make a fresh attempt to locate the wreckage of an Air France Airbus 330 that search teams have been unable to find in 18 months of extensive campaigns. The French deputy minister in charge of transportation, Thierry Mariani, announced Friday that Air France, Airbus and the government will…
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Northrop UCAS-D Completes First Flight
By Guy Norris guy_norris@aviationweek.comLos Angeles Northrop Grumman’s X-47B unmanned combat air system (UCAS-D) demonstrator successfully completed its long-delayed first flight at Edwards AFB, Calif., on Feb. 4. The stealthy, single-engine UCAS took off early in the afternoon Pacific time and landed some 29 min. later, having achieved an altitude…
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NASA Eyes Spaceplanes For Crew Transport
By Graham WarwickWashington Private industry could be prepared to go where NASA fears to tread and develop a spaceplane to replace the space shuttle and ferry crews to and from the International Space Station. But if industry succeeds, it will be thanks to decades of work by the space agency on lifting-body reentry vehicles. While its…
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Air NZ To Offer Inflight Voice, Data Service
By Adrian Schofield adrian_schofield@aviationweek.com Air New Zealand plans to introduce inflight phone connectivity on the first two of its new Airbus A320s, but is yet to decide whether it will be offered on subsequent deliveries. The first of Air NZ’s new A320s arrived last week, with voice and data capability to be introduced within the next…
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FAA Pays To Equip JetBlue A320s With ADS-B
By Jennifer Michels The U.S. FAA is giving JetBlue Airways $4.2 million toward equipping up to 35 of its Airbus A320s with automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) avionics in exchange for data on these flights on the East Coast and to the Caribbean. Because of this partnership, and the data it assumes will show the economic…
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Analysis: Former FCS Continues to Adapt
By Paul McLeary paul_mcleary@aviationweek.comWashington, DC The remaining technologies formerly known as the U.S. Army’s Future Combat Systems (FCS) continue to fall. The service announced Feb. 4 its decision to “no longer pursue the Unattended Ground Sensors and the Class 1 Unmanned Air System” as part of the Early-Infantry Brigade Combat Team…
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A400M, KC-390 Will Reshape Transport Market
By Douglas Royce/Forecast International/www.forecastinternational.com The military transport market will see production of almost 900 new aircraft over the next decade, but the raw numbers obscure major changes in the landscape. Production of the Boeing C-17 could end, leaving the strategic transport market to the Airbus Military A400M, while the…
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Appeals Make FAA Extend SMS Comment Deadline
By Kerry Lynch kerry_lynch@aviationweek.comWASHINGTON At the request of numerous general aviation, manufacturer and repair station organizations, FAA has extended the comment deadline until March 7 on a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) that would require Part 121 holders to adopt safety management systems (SMS). FAA published the NPRM Nov. 5 and…
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Bigelow Floats Plan For Florida Space Coast
By Irene Klotz CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — Robert Bigelow, hotelier and space entrepreneur, came here to Cape Canaveral on Feb. 2 with a plan to help keep Florida’s Space Coast afloat. The founder of Las Vegas-based Bigelow Aerospace is depending on commercial passenger launch services for his business, in which he has already…
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AD Aimed At Delinquent CF6 Operators
By Guy Norris FAA is issuing an extensive inspection for General Electric CF6-45/50 engines amidst growing concerns that several operators outside the U.S. are compromising safety by not complying with maintenance practices. The airworthiness directive (AD) targets what GE describes as a “small group of operators that have not incorporated…
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EADS Will Not Improve US Tanker Bid
Airbus chief executive Tom Enders said the European plane maker’s parent company EADS would not improve its bid to build a fleet of US Air Force aerial tankers …AviationNewsReleases.com
Feb-07-2011 | More »
SAS January Traffic Up 5.4 Percent
Scandinavian airline SAS on Monday reported a 5.4 percent rise in passenger traffic in January …AviationNewsReleases.com
Feb-07-2011 | More »
Airlines Oppose Sale Of UK Air Traffic Control
Airlines do not want the UK government to reduce its dominant stake in the country’s air traffic control system below 25 percent, a consortium of carriers which jointly owns the system said on Sunday …AviationNewsReleases.com
Feb-07-2011 | More »
Dispute Hits Aer Lingus Passenger Numbers
Irish airline Aer Lingus carried about a fifth fewer passengers in January than a year ago on the back of route cuts and an industrial dispute with cabin crew over longer working hours …AviationNewsReleases.com
Feb-07-2011 | More »
Passenger Plane, Military Jets In Near Miss
An American Airlines airliner and two Air Force cargo jets flying together averted a possible collision last month over the Atlantic Ocean, US safety investigators said on Friday …AviationNewsReleases.com
Feb-07-2011 | More »
Air Canada Planes Slightly Fuller In January
Air Canada said passenger levels for January rose slightly from a year earlier, even while capacity levels increased …AviationNewsReleases.com
Feb-07-2011 | More »
BA To Raise Long-haul Fuel Surcharges
British Airways, part of the International Airlines Group, plans to raise the fuel surcharge on its long-haul flights from next week due to the rising cost of jet fuel …AviationNewsReleases.com
Feb-07-2011 | More »
Virgin Atlantic To Pay Overdue Airport Fees
Virgin Atlantic said it would pay to BAA fees it had withheld over the part closure of London’s Heathrow airport late last year after the airport operator said it would take legal action to recover the cash …AviationNewsReleases.com
Feb-07-2011 | More »
TUI Warns Egypt Unrest Will Cost GBP£30 Mln
TUI Travel has warned that losses caused by the unrest in Egypt and Tunisia will knock up to GBP£30 million (USD$48 million) off its second-quarter revenues …AviationNewsReleases.com
Feb-07-2011 | More »
Canada Eases Flight Item Restrictions
Canada has eased restrictions on items that can be taken onboard flights in an effort to improve security and speed up passenger screening times, the transport department said …AviationNewsReleases.com
Feb-07-2011 | More »

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