Aviation News Releases – Friday, July 16, 2010

Today Airbus celebrated the topping-out of the new A350 XWB fuselage assembly hangar. In the presence of Hamburg’s Senator for Economics and Labour Affairs, Axel Gedaschko, the topping-out wreath decorated with carbon fibres was mounted to the roof edge at a height of 27 metres….


Union To Ballot BAA Staff On Strike Action
The Unite union has given British airport operator BAA seven days notice of its intention to hold a strike ballot in a dispute over pay …
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Auckland Airport To Defer Second Runway
New Zealand’s main international gateway, Auckland Airport said on Friday it would further defer the building of a second runway …
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LAN CARGO Signs with Boeing to Shrink Parts Inventory, Reduce Costs
EATTLE, July 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Boeing (NYSE: BA) and LAN CARGO, a leading Latin American cargo airline, today announced that the airline will join Boeing’s Component Services Program (CSP). The program will provide LAN CARGO timely, worldwide access to spare parts for the carrier’s 777 Freighter fleet. LAN CARGO becomes the 12th airline in the 777 Component Services Program, which is offered jointly by Boeing and Air France Industries/KLM Engineering & Maintenance. CSP…
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Market for 30,900 New Commercial Airplanes Valued at $3.6 Trillion Over Next 20 Years
LONDON, July 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Boeing (NYSE: BA) forecasts a $3.6 trillion market for new commercial airplanes over the next 20 years as world economies rebound and strong demand for new and replacement aircraft spurs growth. The Boeing 2010 Current Market Outlook (CMO), released today in London, foresees a market for 30,900 new commercial passenger and freighter airplanes by 2029. The report, now in its 46th year of public release, is widely regarded as the most comprehensive…
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Boeing, Jacksonville Community Celebrate Arrival of F-16s for Aerial Target Program
JACKSONVILLE, Fla., July 15, 2010 — Boeing [NYSE: BA] employees joined congressional representatives, local government officials and community leaders on July 9 at Cecil Field in Jacksonville to celebrate the arrival of the first F-16s for the QF-16 aerial target program. Boeing received a $69.7 million contract from the U.S. Air Force in March to convert up to 126 retired F-16s into QF-16 Full-Scale Aerial Targets that can fly either manned or unmanned. Deliveries are…
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Dassault Falcon Sees Major Growth From Greater China
Dassault Aviation’s business jet unit expects the Greater China region to account for a fifth of its global deliveries in five years, up from 10 percent this year, a senior executive said on Thursday …
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Bombardier Announces Aggressive Plan to Bolster Support in Asia-Pacific
Bombardier Aerospace today unveiled its plan to invest $30 million US to support the growing fleet of Bombardier business and commercial aircraft in the Asia-Pacific region. This action comes in response to the rapid growth in the continent’s aviation market in recent years and will further bolster Bombardier’s current presence in the region. Bombardier’s planned investment is the first phase of its aggressive plan to build a comprehensive service and support network for the…
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Navy, USAF Coordinate High-Altitude UAV Work
By Amy Butler, Washington and Beale AFB, Calif.: More questions than answers are arising from the U.S. Navy/Air Force memorandum of agreement to coordinate efforts on their respective high-altitude reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Signed June 12 by the services’ chiefs of staffs, the agreement aims to produce operational and financial efficiencies in the Air Force Global Hawk and Navy Broad …
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Astrium, Cisco To Study Space Router
By Michael A. Taverna, PARIS — Astrium Services and Cisco have concluded an agreement to jointly study future space Internet protocol (IP) router applications. Space routers act as computers in the sky, permitting large blocks of data in various frequency bands to be merged and transferred to multiple terrestrial receivers in a single step, based on instructions in the uplink. Their use obviates the …
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NASA’s WISE Mission Ready to Complete Extensive Sky Survey
WASHINGTON — NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE,will complete its first survey of the entire sky on July 17. Themission has generated more than one million images so far, ofeverything from asteroids to distant galaxies”Like a globe-trotting shutterbug, WISE has completed a world tourwith 1.3 million slides covering the whole sky,” said Edward Wright,the principal investigator of the mission at the University ofCalifornia, Los Angeles.Some of these images have been processed…
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Momentum Builds For Fee Disclosure
By Andrew Compart: The campaign for full pre-purchase disclosure of airline fees across all distribution channels seemed to gather more momentum July 14 with the release of a Government Accountability Office report and a congressional hearing that focused on the issue. The inclinations were less certain on taxation of fees for items such as checked bags, preferred seating or inflight …
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