Aviation News Releases – Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ST. LOUIS, July 12, 2010 — The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] today unveiled the hydrogen-powered Phantom Eye unmanned airborne system, a demonstrator that will stay aloft at 65,000 feet for up to four days.

“Phantom Eye is the first of its kind and could open up a whole new market in collecting data and communications,” Darryl Davis, president of Boeing Phantom Works, said today at the unveiling ceremony in St. Louis. “It is a perfect example of turning an idea into a reality. It defines our rapid prototyping efforts and will demonstrate the art-of-the-possible when it comes to persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. The capabilities inherent in Phantom Eye’s design will offer game-changing opportunities for our military, civil and commercial customers.”…


Televisa Eyes New Airport Telecoms Deal
Mexican broadcaster Televisa said on Monday it is interested in providing telecommunication services at an airport the government plans to build south of the popular Caribbean resort of Cancun …
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Lufthansa CFO Says Cargo ‘Absolutely Booming’
Lufthansa’s cargo business is benefitting from rising demand for goods in China and growing appetite worldwide for Chinese goods, the airline’s finance chief said …
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Calls Grow For Fee Transparency
By Andrew Compart: Global distribution systems are closing in on offering travel agents a way to easily compare fee-inclusive prices on airlines — and on offering airlines a way to further customize their prices to subcategories of travelers. The distribution systems also are making steady progress on using an electronic miscellaneous document, or EMD, for processing the third-party payment of fees …
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New AFRL Program Focuses On Aircraft Energy
By Graham Warwick: Directed-energy weapons and advanced sensors in next-generation combat aircraft will demand power and cooling beyond the capabilities of today’s technology and could prompt a fundamental change in the design of aircraft systems. Keen to avoid the thermal-management “nightmares” that confronted developers of the stealthy fifth-generation …
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Bombardier Builds First Manufacturing Validation Unit for Learjet 85 Aircraft
Bombardier Aerospace today announced it has reached another significant Learjet 85 aircraft program milestone, having successfully built the first all-composite manufacturing validation unit (MVU) for the aircraft’s pressure fuselage section. The MVU was built in Montréal, where the Learjet 85 aircraft structural design team is located, using actual production tooling and with strong support from the program team based in Mexico. This unit will be used to validate the design concepts,…
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Electric Aircraft In The Spotlight
By Bill Garvey william_garvey@aviationweek.com: Two family names, famous for their aviation exploits, are back in the news again for helping expand the envelope of powered flight – one for a record flight that ended just this morning. The Solar Impulse, a spindly-looking aircraft “fueled” solely by the sun’s energy, touched down at 0900 this morning in Payerne, Switzerland, having just spent 26 hours and 9 …
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Herschel Raises Questions On Birth Of Stars
By Michael A. Taverna, Paris: Though launched barely a year ago, Europe’s Herschel orbital infrared observatory is already challenging old ideas about the birth of stars and opening new roads for IR missions, notably the NASA-led James Webb Space Telescope. Among the findings are a new phase of water never before observed in space and super-distant galaxies that until …
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