Aviation News Releases – Thursday, May 13, 2010

  • Boeing Delivers Modernised High Frequency Communications System for Australia
    BRISBANE, Queensland, May 13, 2010 — Boeing Defence Australia, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA], has announced that the Modernised High Frequency Communications System (MHFCS) has completed testing and been introduced…
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  • Boeing NewGen Tanker Win Would Bring 800 Jobs, $40 Million to Iowa
    DAVENPORT, Iowa, May 12, 2010 — The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] today announced that Iowa will benefit from approximately 800 jobs and an estimated $40 million in annual economic impact if the Boeing NewGen Tanker is selected as the U.S. Air…
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  • Boeing Completes First 787 GEnx Engine Runs
    EVERETT, Wash., May 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — The first General Electric GEnx engines on a Boeing (NYSE: BA) 787 Dreamliner came to life Monday with initial engine starts. Customers can choose between the GEnx engines and the Rolls-Royce Trent…
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  • Pilots in Strike Countdown at Spirit
    By Andrew Compart The National Mediation Board on May 12 started the 30-day, cooling-off period for the Spirit Airlines pilots union and the airline, after which the pilots would have the legal eligibility to go …
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  • New U.K. Defense Secretary: ”Resources Tight”
    By Douglas Barrie LONDON — Liam Fox’s opening gambit as the U.K.’s secretary of state for defense includes the warning that “resources will be tight” and that the “organization and the structure” of…
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  • USAF Forms New Joint F-35 EW Squadron
    By David A. FulghumFt. Washington, Md. A long-running Pentagon quandary—over who conducts airborne electronic warfare, how offensive electronic-attack capabilities should be strengthened and when or what…
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  • Shuttle Program Prepares To Shut Down
    By Mark Carreau, Irene KlotzHouston, Cape Canaveral The shuttle Atlantis is poised for its final scheduled mission—the delivery of a compact Russian docking and laboratory module to the International Space…
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  • Boeing Completes First Tests of GEnx on 787
    By Michael Mecham Completion of an hour’s first-start test has put Boeing and GE Aviation on track for flight of the initial 787 powered by GEnx-1B engines, although some are questioning whether the aircraft will …
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  • Southwest Bound For South Carolina
    By Adrian Schofield adrian_schofield@aviationweek.com Southwest Airlines confirmed it plans to add its first two destinations in South Carolina in 2011, following an extensive lobbying effort from within the…
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  • A400M To Shed Gauges That Slow Flight Testing
    By Robert Wall BROUGHTON, Wales — Moisture-sensitive strain gauges on the propellers of the A400M’s TP400D turboprop engines that have slowed flight testing will likely be removed soon, opening the door for an …
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  • Chevron Unveils Cuts In Branded Fuels Business
    By Benet Wilson benet_wilson@aviationweek.com Chevron has announced a major restructuring of its general aviation business that will result in the loss of marketing for Chevron- and Texaco-branded aviation fuels…
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  • US Airport Security Officers Targeted In ID Theft
    A Massachusetts couple has been charged with stealing the identities of dozens of Transportation Security Administration officers, who screen passengers and baggage at US airports …
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  • Thomas Cook Sales Recovering From Ash Impact
    Tour operator Thomas Cook said it had strong trading in recent weeks in Britain and Germany, its two biggest markets, as customers brushed aside worries of continuing disruption from the volcanic ash cloud …
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  • Investigators To Scour Site Of Libya Plane Crash
    Aviation experts arrived in Tripoli on Thursday to scour the scattered remains of an Airbus jet that crashed in the Libyan capital and killed all but one of the 104 people on board (photo: Alexander Prokop) …
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  • BA To Fly 70 Pct Of Passengers On Strike Days
    British Airways expects to carry more than 70 percent of its customers, or over 60,000 passengers a day, during five days of strike action due to start next week, the airline said on Thursday …
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  • European Flights Back To Normal Wednesday
    European flights were back to normal on Wednesday after the ash cloud which caused difficulties over the Atlantic and the Iberian Peninsula dispersed on Tuesday night, air traffic agency Eurocontrol said …
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  • Two Detained At Berlin Airport On Hijack Suspicion
    German police said they detained two men at Berlin’s Tegel airport on Wednesday after a woman who overheard their conversation in Russian at a ticket counter got the impression they were planning to hijack a plane to Moscow …
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  • American Held At Cairo Airport With Weapons
    An Egyptian-American was arrested at Cairo airport on Tuesday night after arriving on a direct flight from New York carrying two pistols, 250 bullets, two swords and 11 knives in his luggage, airport officials said …
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  • Alitalia Q1 Loss Narrows As Pax Numbers Rise
    Italy’s national airline Alitalia on Wednesday said quarterly operating losses narrowed, boosted by growth in international passenger volumes …
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  • United/Continental Face Workforce Integration
    If all goes according to plan, Continental Airlines and United Airlines will join together to form the world’s biggest carrier in less than a year …
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  • NASA To Fund Innovative Museum Exhibits And Planetarium Shows
    WASHINGTON — Innovative planetarium shows and traveling museumexhibits are among nine projects NASA has selected to receive agencyfunding this year. NASA’s Competitive Program for Science Museums andPlanetariums will provide $7 million in grants to…
    May-12 – 2010 | More ->
  • Afriqiyah Airways flight 8U771 accident in Tripoli, Libya
    Airbus regrets to confirm that an Airbus A330-200 operated by Afriqiyah Airways was involved in an accident in Tripoli, Libya at 04:00 GMT, Wednesday 12th May. The aircraft was operating a scheduled service, Flight 8U771 from Johannesburg, South…
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  • Airbus spreads The Green Wave of awareness
    In the countdown to the United Nations International Day for Biodiversity on 22 May, leading aircraft manufacturer, Airbus is mobilising its global network of more than 52,000 employees to celebrate The Green Wave, an ambitious programme…
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  • New Jersey Students Win NASA And USA TODAY Competition
    WASHINGTON — NASA and USA TODAY announced the winners of the 2010 No Boundaries National Competition. The winning student teams are from across the country and excel in the areas of science, technology,engineering and math (STEM).Students worked in…
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  • NASA Planning Robotic Landing In 2014
    By Frank Morring, Jr. Managers at NASA headquarters are “pursuing” a robotic landing on the Moon or “other planetary body” within about four years to test precision landing and perhaps other…
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