Aviation News Releases – Wednesday, March 24, 2010

  • WTO Rules On U.S.-EU Subsidy Case
    By Robert Wall The World Trade Organization has issued the first “final report” in the battle between the U.S. and Europe over subsidies being granted to Airbus and Boeing, giving both sides enough to declare they are prevailing in the long-running legal battle that is far from over; the report could be amended later….
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  • MDA Halts Target Buys From Coleman Aerospace
    By Amy Butler The U.S. Missile Defense Agency is halting its work with Coleman Aerospace, owned by L-3 Communications, due to quality control problems in preparing targets for the agency’s flight test program, according to a missile defense program source….
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  • Sikorsky CH-53K Gets Special Treatment
    By Bettina H. ChavanneWashington When Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. changed its outsourcing strategy on the CH-53K heavy-lift helicopter, it decided to design and manufacture five of the most complicated rotor parts and gearbox housings in-house. But an aircraft of that size needs space—a lot of space. So Sikorsky carved out a high-tech area in the factory to welcome the newest member of the fleet….
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  • Eclipse Production To Resume, Holland Says
    By George Larson george_larson@bellsouth.net Production of the Eclipse EA-500 jet will resume, Eclipse Aerospace CEO Mason Holland promised Aviation Week March 23, but he declined to say exactly when that will occur or at what rate. Rather, he says, formal announcements about the very light jet program will be coming soon and should clarify things further….
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  • Senate Passes FAA Reauthorization Bill
    By Adrian Schofield The Senate on March 22 passed its version of the FAA reauthorization bill by a margin of 93-0. The last amendment considered, regarding a relaxation of the perimeter rule at Washington National Airport, was withdrawn….
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  • Greece’s Tourism Industry Braced For Revenue Drop
    Revenues from tourism, the biggest earner for Greece’s embattled economy, will drop again this year after a 10 percent fall in 2009, a hotel industry body said on Tuesday….
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  • TSA Nominee Wants Israeli Security Model
    US President Barack Obama’s nominee to oversee security at US airports said on Tuesday he wants to shift screening closer to the Israeli model in a bid to thwart terrorism plots….
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  • UK Airport Worker Warned In Scanner Ogling Claim
    A security worker at London’s Heathrow Airport has received a police warning and faces disciplinary action over claims he ogled a female colleague using a full-body scanner, officials said on Wednesday….
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  • EasyJet Picks New Chief Executive
    British budget airline easyJet confirmed it had picked media executive Carolyn McCall to replace chief executive Andy Harrison, who is leaving amid a battle over strategy with founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou….
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  • Airbus, Boeing Bullish On Latin American Outlook
    Global plane-making rivals Boeing and Airbus shared optimistic views on Latin America over the next 20 years where the market was seen outpacing the world by up to 30 percent….
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  • WTO Tells EU To Stop Illegal Airbus Subsidies
    A WTO panel on Tuesday called on the European Union to end illegal subsidies to Airbus, ratcheting up the stakes in the multi-trillion dollar large aircraft market….
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  • Airbus Says WTO Aircraft Dispute To Run For Years
    A dispute over US and EU support for large airliners will drag on for a few more years after the WTO condemned European subsidies but dismissed most US claims, Airbus said on Tuesday….
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  • US Proposes USD$1.54 Mln Fine Against Northwest
    US aviation regulators on Tuesday proposed a USD$1.45 million fine against Northwest Airlines for allegedly flying planes without proper maintenance inspections….
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  • Serbia To Seek Partner For JAT Airways
    Serbia plans to launch a tender competition next month to find a partner for its loss-making airline JAT Airways, the deputy prime minister in charge of the economy said on Tuesday….
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  • Aegean Air Profit Falls On Crumbling Economy
    Aegean Airlines, Greece’s largest carrier, said 2009 net earnings fell 22 percent year-on-year to EUR€23 million euros (USD$31 million), hurt by a deteriorating Greek economy….
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  • BA Open To Union Talks, Plans For 2nd Strike
    British Airways is open to holding further talks with the Unite union to avert a second wave of strikes by its cabin crew but has made plans to cope with a fresh walkout this weekend, it said on Tuesday….
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  • NASA Schedules Interviews for April Shuttle Mission Flight Directors
    HOUSTON — NASA Flight Directors Richard Jones and Ron Spencer areavailable for live satellite interviews beginning March 30 at 6 a.m.CDT. Jones and Spencer will discuss the challenges of space shuttleDiscovery’s upcoming STS-131 mission that will deliver scienceequipment and supplies to the International Space Station. The flightis targeted for launch on April 5.To participate in the interviews, reporters should contact KarenSvetaka at 281-483-8684 before 1 p.m. on Monday, March 29.Discovery’s…
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  • Airbus Statement regarding today’s WTO panel report in the U.S. case against the EU
    Airbus learned tonight from Geneva that the WTO Panel report confirms the following:1. 70 percent of the US claims were rejected.2. The European reimbursable loan mechanism is confirmed to be a legal and compliant instrument of partnership between government and industry.3. The Panel refused the US request for remedies as legally inappropriate.4. Past loans were found by the Panel to contain a certain element of subsidy, a finding we will study.5. Possible future funding for the A350 is…
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  • Boeing Comments on WTO’s Landmark Decision on Airbus Subsidies
    CHICAGO, March 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Boeing issued the following statement following news reports quoting officials who indicated that the United States has prevailed on all of the major issues in the WTO’s final decision, which reaffirms its earlier interim decision, in the U.S. case against European subsidies to Airbus. “This is a powerful, landmark judgment and good news for aerospace workers across America who for decades have had to compete against a heavily subsidized…
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  • Boeing Maintenance Tool Attracts Key African Customers
    TAAG Angola Airlines and Kenya Airways move to boost maintenance efficiency ALGIERS, Algeria, March 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Kenya Airways and TAAG Linhas Aereas de Angola have signed up for the Boeing (NYSE: BA) Maintenance Performance Toolbox, as part of each airline’s program to enhance efficiency and improve dispatch reliability through the use of e-enabled technologies. Toolbox comprises six different tools in one easy-to-use suite of software products that an airline can employ…
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  • U.S. Cyber-Combat Needs Rules
    By David A. FulghumWashington The Pentagon and intelligence agencies are at loggerheads about the rules that will control the unleashing of cyber-counterattack, a mission that could, with more investment, be conducted from aircraft against targets a half-world away….
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  • Galileo Bid Could Give ILS Entree To Europe
    By Michael A. TavernaWashington Could cost concerns with Europe’s Galileo satellite navigation system give International Launch Services an entree into Europe’s government launch market? That’s the bet ILS is making, the company’s president, Frank McKenna, told reporters at Satellite 2010 here last week….
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  • EchoStar XIV Launched On Commercial Proton
    By Staff A commercial Proton orbited the heaviest satellite ever to fly on the Russian launch vehicle March 21, placing the 6.3-metric-ton EchoStar XIV Ku-band satellite in its geosynchronous transfer orbit for the DISH Network. The launch vehicle’s Breeze M upper stage released the spacecraft after a nine-hour, 10-minute mission….
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  • NASA Schedules News Conference about Next Space Shuttle Launch
    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — NASA managers will hold a news conference onFriday, March 26, at the agency’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida todiscuss the status of the next space shuttle launch. The briefingwill begin after the Flight Readiness Review, a meeting to assesspreparations for shuttle Discovery’s STS-131 mission to theInternational Space Station.Live status updates, including the start time for the news conference,will be provided during the meeting via the NASA News Twitter feed.To access…
    Mar-23 – 2010 | More ->
  • Boeing Statement Regarding WTO’s Final Decision on Airbus Subsidies
    CHICAGO, March 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Boeing (NYSE: BA) today issued the following statement from Ted Austell, vice president, Executive, Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, regarding the anticipated final WTO decision in the U.S. case against European government subsidies to Airbus. “We look forward to the WTO’s final decision, which reportedly will be transmitted to the parties tomorrow, March 23. After years of charges and counter-charges, an independent panel that has worked…
    Mar-23 – 2010 | More ->


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